Shea Moisture Onboarding

UI/Interaction Design

1 Week

Artboard Copy 23.png


This project was designed during the UX & Product Design Immersive at GA's Bitmaker Labs. The goal was to design an onboarding experience for an established brand. 

The company I chose was Shea Moisture, a hair and skin care brand largely focused on textured hair. The African American hair community in particular has evolved into a strong, vocal and passionate subculture. Concepts such as hair journey's, the "big chop" and product junkies have all be born out of this movement toward embracing the kinks, curls and coils of natural Black hair. 

The purpose of this app would be to provide a resource for tracking ones hair journey, connecting with other users for advice and encouragement, and providing tips and tricks tailored to the wide spectrum of textured hair. 


  1. Highlight the main features and functionality of the app
  2. Give users a sample of the micros interactions within the app
  3. Excite and delight users about signing up

    Experiments in interaction design

    Onboarding Animation.gif