about me.

Iā€™m a UX & product designer, travel-writer, hobbyist photographer and retired marketer. I am also a chronic goal-setter, a trekker of mountains, an empath and a podcast-lover. 

I believe growth happens outside of your comfort zone, and I like to push my limits - whether this means summiting Mt. Kilimanjaro, living 10,000 miles from home, or leaving my job to pursue a career in UX & Product Design. My past experience has taught me how to solve real business challenges, my love of travel keeps my mind open to new perspectives, and my education at General Assembly has given me a design thinking mindset.

I believe in asking sincere questions, providing thoughtful answers and framing well-told stories. For me, product design brings these three things together, allowing me to solve meaningful problems that make it easier for people to accomplish their goals.